Enterprise got its start in auto leasing; today, we continue that tradition with a fully developed fleet management business. Every year, we carefully evaluate each new model coming out of Detroit, Tokyo, and Stuttgart. Then we provide the necessary guidance and products for businesses to manage their fleets — usually comprising 15 to 125 vehicles — at the highest productivity levels and lowest costs.

Using our financial consulting expertise, we help our customers improve cash flow, lower costs, and expand credit lines. Following acquisition and delivery, we also handle licensing and taxes. And to keep our clients' fleets moving, we tailor risk management and maintenance-management products. Whether it's vehicle disposal, fuel-card programs, or 24-hour roadside assistance, we have the products and services that our customers need.

Equally important, we are committed to providing a level of local customer service unmatched in our industry. After all, that's how we started as a leasing company, and that's how we've become one of the nation's leading fleet-management companies. Visit the Enterprise Fleet Management Web site.

Download our Fleet Management Fact Sheet PDF