Enterprise Rent-A-Car Customer Service:
Guiding our Growth for More Than 50 Years

Although Enterprise was founded as a leasing company, over the years we've created additional services to meet our customers' growing needs:

In fact, it was our customers who originally led us into the neighborhood rental car business; they needed replacement vehicles while their leased vehicles were being repaired. In recent decades we've added airport locations at the urging of customers and employees who became accustomed to our brand and Enterprise Rent-A-Car customer service while away from home.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Customer Service paved the way for new growth

We've also expanded our operations beyond Enterprise car rental to include fleet management, used car sales, car sharing, vanpool, and commercial truck rental. Our adaptability and our insistence that we put our customers' needs first, the foundation of Enterprise Rent-A-Car customer service, have enabled us to lead the market in an increasing number of areas. Though we've been around for more than 50 years, we're confident that this is just the beginning.

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