Unlike our competitors, we have always operated through an extensive network of local, neighborhood offices, each powered by the energy of a small, highly entrepreneurial team. In fact, Enterprise has been delivering affordable and accessible transportation alternatives right where people live and work since 1957.

The concept grew from humble beginnings: the basement of a St. Louis car dealership with a small team of bright, ambitious colleagues fielding phone calls, calculating rates and washing cars. Our first customers were the ones who really shaped the business model that we use today. As we built Enterprise, one neighborhood at a time, we also built strong relationships with the people who call those communities home, and it is because of those relationships that we have achieved unprecedented growth.

Forty years later, Enterprise Rent-A-Car trademarked the term Virtual Car®, after recognizing the strength and energy of local service, regardless if it is for an hour, a day, a week or longer. This intuitive neighborhood business model often includes large urban markets where consumers rely on mass transit during the week as well as those who simply cannot afford to purchase or maintain a vehicle on their own. Today, this unparalleled grassroots network features a wide variety of options, including car rental, car leasing, vanpooling and car sharing, in towns and cities of all sizes.

Through our neighborhood network, Enterprise:
  • Has locations within 15 miles of 90 percent of the U.S. population
  • Operates more than 6,500 offices in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Ireland, Germany, France and Spain, as well as franchise locations throughout Europe
  • Handles tens of millions of transactions every year
  • Purchases millions of dollars worth of vehicles through local dealerships

To Rent or Not to Rent for Your Weekend Getaway?
You can actually save money by renting instead of using your car for your fun weekend trips. Check out this white paper by Brett Smith, Co-Director of Manufacturing, Engineering and Technology for the Center for Automotive Research. He analyzed the total costs of driving one's own vehicle versus the cost of renting, and found that renting can mean 12 cents of savings for every mile you drive an Enterprise Rent-A-Car vehicle at our $9.99 weekend rate for economy and compact vehicles. If the car you own gets low MPG, the savings can be even larger as gas prices continue to climb.

Check out Brett Smith's white paper here for all the details.

Money-Saving travel Tips for Family Weekend Getaways

Money-Saving travel Tips for Family Weekend Getaways

Sticker shock at the pump ruining your weekend plans? Personal finance expert Farnoosh Torabi recently partnered with Enterprise Rent-A-Car to offer great tips on affordable ways to get away this summer.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car commissioned Smith to research and write his analysis but had no influence on what he found. Farnoosh Torabi was compensated for her time as an Enterprise spokesperson but her opinions are her own.